Chelle Shows You How to Present YOUR Home to Its Best Advantage


Preparation is the Name of the Game:

If you will keep the buyer in mind when preparing your home to sell, you have won half the battle, says Chelle. Buyers will be looking for things that need to be “redone”, such as painting and repairs, which area more economical for you to make initially and will keep the value of your house high and sell it faster.

Chelle will show you how to set the stage. She will tour the house with the eye of a buyer, going room by room, and recommend changes that will enhance sales appeal.

Here are some suggestions Chelle will make when preparing your home for sale.

First Impressions Last: Curb Appeal

Let your front door say “COME IN!” The buyer’s first impression will be the front of your house. It needs to be attractive, well-kept, and welcoming. Make sure the lawn is well-maintained and that shrubs are trimmed and any flower beds are planted and weeded.

Paint the front door an inviting color, as well as any porch railings, trim or eaves that may need attention. Clear the lawns of any equipment or items that need to be stored away.

Plant annuals in your flower beds or attractive pots. Color provides warmth. “As I walk in the front door of your house, does it say “Welcome Home?”­

A Clean Slate:

Make it shine! Dust and dirt rob the home of its appeal to buyers. A thorough cleaning of windows, corners, woodwork, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and carpet is a step in the right direction.

Reduce Clutter. Your rooms will look more spacious if you remove excess furniture, papers, magazines, and other clutter. Store away family photos, refrigerator artwork, souvenirs to “de-personalize” your home so that buyers can imagine it as their home.

Storage. Make sure your closets and other storage spaces reflect the order you’ve brought to other rooms. Pack away unused items or give them to charity so that your storage can appear roomy. It’s the little things that make a big difference when you’re selling your home, says Chelle.

Kitchens and Bathrooms: Dealmaker or Dealbreaker.

These two areas are critical to the sale of your home. Buyers will notice any shortcomings. Experts say that next to painting, any improvements in the kitchen and bathroom are the most profitable.

Kitchen. For many buyers, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. The time spent in enhancing the appeal of your kitchen area, such as painting, replacing a stained sink or hard-to-operate of dripping faucets, and other affordable steps, can go a long way in enticing a buyer.

To show off your counter space, shelving and other surfaces, de-clutter and put away appliances that are frequently used. If countertops are old or are in bad repair, consider replacing them. If your cabinets look dingy or the paint is peeling, give them a new coat of paint. It will add newness, brightness and interest to your kitchen. Make sure it sparkles! “Do everything that you reasonably can to freshen up your kitchen and give it a new, open look”.

Bathroom. Clean all fixtures and surfaces, including the floor. Consider a new coat of paint and the addition of color, say, in a floral arrangement or new guest towels. Remove items on surfaces to drawers or cabinets or storage. Make sure shower curtains are clean and hung properly. Make sure there are adequate towel bars and hooks. Hang towels neatly. Candles or potpourri can also do wonders for the senses!

The Backyard. Your backyard is a combination of your front, so let that good first impression linger as buyers view your backyard. Buyers want a private backyard that is large and inviting. They will want to envision outdoor barbeques and other activities and imagine their children playing. If shrubs are overgrown, cut them back so that more of the exterior of the house can be seen. Plant some annuals for a spot of color. If you have fences, make sure they are in good repair, with latches and hinges in working order. If the fence is a painted one, touch up or repair. If you have a dog, make sure that evidence is kept at a minimum.

If your backyard boats a pool or hot tub, make the most of it. These areas can be of great interest to buyers. Of course, you want them to be clean and ready to use during the season. Potted plants and intimate seating on a deck or patio and other colorful and engaging outdoor touches can mean a lot to potential buyers.

Let There Be Light!

Open curtains, blinds, and shades and other window coverings to let the sunshine in. Turn on both indirect and direct lighting and make sure fixtures are clean. A well-lighted home is an appealing, welcoming home.

Pet Check. Do you have Fido or Fluffy? Make sure their areas are free of dirt, litter, and toys.

Create Ambiance. Put love into your home! The inviting sights and aromas of a well-kept home add immeasurably to your home’s appeal to buyers. Play soft music, light scented candles or oils, or have colorful potpourri on a tabletop. Bake homemade bread or cookies and invite your buyers to partake.

It’s All in the Details:

If something’s loose, say a doorknob or light switch, or a door won’t open or close properly, fix it. If wallpaper has come unstuck, glue it back down. Make sure heating and air filters are clean.

“Just being prepared and presenting your home in its best light can go a long way toward selling your home faster and at the price you want,” says Chelle.


Chelle Greene is a genius when it comes to packaging homes to sell. She has the imagination and creative skills to turn your house into a home where buyers want to be. Let Chelle make your home look “loved in”.